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My name is Shi-Hong Liu (劉式閎), and my online handle is rarakasm - or just rak /ræk/ if you, like me, have trouble pronouncing that one.

I currently live in Taoyuan, TW, and I'm looking for a software engineering job in Taipei, TW. I'm most interested in game dev and user-facing applications (mobile, front-end etc.) but any SWE gig will do.

I graduated from Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia, National Taiwan University as a Master's student. My research area focused on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), or more specifically, haptic interactions in virtual reality.

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Competitive Programming

I'd consider myself a casual competitive programmer even though that sounds like an oxymoron.

I started doing LeetCode out of career anxiety a few months before graduation, but ended up so addicted to the thrill of solving these questions that I began to participate in their weekly contests. During military service, I would bring printouts of contest problems from codeforces and atcoder every week so I could think on them when idling and marching. It turned out to be a very effective way to pass time - just read the problem once, memorize it and put it away, no need to hold it in my hand asking for troubles - and also to keep my mind functioning amid the numbing ways of the army.

I initially refrained from doing contests on real competition sites because I feared that it's spiral downwards to a huge time sink and detrimental for landing a job. But after getting out of the army, I thought to myself "why not?" and began to participate in codeforces and atcoder contests to see how far I can go. Well, turns out I'm not particularly good at it, and I regret not picking this up during my high school years. But I still think it's lots of fun. Like sudoku but cooler.

My goal now is to clear a Div.2 contest.

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